Do you know what you would do if your club or business was interrupted by a cybersecurity threat?

This great fact sheet covers:

  • Key cybersecurity terminology
  • Common cyber risks to look out for
  • The life cycle of a data breach
  • How to create a cyber incident response plan

Cybersecurity is fast becoming one of the most important concerns for organisations.

Regardless of the industry, your organisation operates in, your organisation probably collects and stores a huge amount of information and uses many different kinds of technology in its daily operations.

Cyber security is the practice of protecting this information, your organisation’s electronic systems and digital information and reducing the likelihood of a breach. While it is not possible to prevent data breaches from occurring in 100% of cases, there are steps you can take, (some of which are discussed in this factsheet) to minimise the likelihood of a breach occurring, and the extent of harm caused.