Your Guide to the Risk Management Assessment

The values in the assessment are firstly alerting you to the wide range of risk management issues that could cause financial, legal or reputational damage to your business.  As a result, we are now providing the questionnaire for your completion.

The program also proposes solutions and remedies for the questions you answer ‘No’ to in the assessment. The actions will be in the form you can either undertake yourself or with the assistance of recommended professionals.

The key is your own rigorous assessment. If you answer ‘Yes’ to a question, you are saying you are confident of being able to verify the ‘Yes’ to the appropriate legislative authority.   For example, “Have your workers signed an Induction Guide?” Can you produce a signed copy for every staff member? If not, your answer is a “No”.

How to complete your Risk Assessment in 4 steps:

  1. To start the assessment Click Here. Once you register you will be emailed a login and password.
  2. You should then choose the industry to which you belong so that you get the associated assessment questions.
  3. The Assessment can either be completed in one session or you can log back in to continue using the login and password emailed to you when you registered All questions must be answered, in sequence and once a question is answered, you cannot revisit or change your answer.
  4. Answer each question by ticking Yes, No or Not Applicable.
  5. Upon completion of all questions, you will immediately receive an email with the proposed solutions and remedies to each of the questions you answered ‘No’.  The proposed solutions will be prioritised by category.

Your responses will remain entirely confidential to RME.

Remember, the aim is to raise your awareness of the risk management issues around your business and then to turn those ‘No’ answers into ‘Yes’s as soon as practicable.