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Company Culture – Safety Climate

Workplace Safety Participation is an investment with measurable benefit, engagement and improvement is an asset for your business.

Good OH&S/WHS = better productivity and improved culture.

Workers feel cared for and trust organisation commitment in a healthy and safe workplace, which in turn promotes a better company image, loyalty and trust.

Promote your company image, engage your team and be proud of your commitment to safety.


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Download Safety Product Brochure



Manage your risk by adopting 4 simple guidelines.

In a reporting culture, everyone is encouraged to speak up and report safety concerns without the fear of reprisal, fostering a spirit of trust that exists between the entire team, management and employees.

A Flexible Culture is one that builds the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and tough times. It adapts to unforeseen developments and make changes based on incoming information and it allows a business to push past obstacles when something new or different happens.

In a Learning Culture, team members collect, assess and share information, both formally and informally. That includes engaging your team in all safety concerns, education and training. It is important for employees to learn from their experiences and apply that knowledge to their jobs.

Everyone does their part.

An engaged culture binds the other three cultures. The key is engaging ALL team members to demonstrate they value safety and get involved.

Our Assessment identifies

  • Gaps in OHS/WHS legislation enforced by Worksafe

  • Regulatory Compliance Policies

  • The existence or need for, JSA’s & SOP’s

  • Industry specific guidelines and procedures

  • Insurance requirements

What they say

RME has a cross section of clients and we specialist in managing both onsite and online programs.  Some of our current clients include sports associations and club, OEM automotive dealerships, collision repairers, solar energy, farming, schools/colleges & all industry associations, franchises and groups.

“I know that we can rely on RME to deliver what they say, when they say and to provide helpful advice and solutions that make a meaningful difference to our business.”

Floyd Nangreave, CEO Enervest Pty Ltd

“We are really happy with our reporting, action plans and supporting documents from RME, everyone has been great to work with, responsive and collaborative.  I recommend RME to in-house teams that may need support to meet the changing needs of business and legislation, we see RME as an extension of our team and a great partner for Bicycle SA.”

Christian Haag, CEO Bicycle SA

“RME with their understanding of our business environment and passion for the industry has greatly improved our understanding and knowledge around risk management whilst being able to provide useful tools to ensure all areas are adequately managed”.

Andrew Gay, General Manager Royal Adelaide Golf Club, President Golf Management Australia (SA Division)


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