At RME, we love a good news story and the attached video of Guy Leech visiting the workplace of cardiac arrest survivor Mick Ritchie is simply awesome. 

RME proudly partners with Guy & Heart180 to help businesses, clubs, community, or home users to make one potentially lifesaving decision – purchasing a defibrillator. 

Unfortunately, Sudden Cardiac Arrest kills more Aussie’s than anything else. 

That’s 600 people every week, this includes kids, teenagers & fit adults. 

But there is a Solution having a defibrillator close by. 

When you have a sudden cardiac arrest your heart stops beating.  It’s an electrical failure. This means the only thing that can get the heart beating again is a defibrillator! 

RME recommends semi or fully automatic models which not only deliver a lifesaving shock, but they also provide real-time visual and verbal feedback to the rescuer on the force and rate of CPR compression during a resuscitation — effectively assisting the rescuer to perform CPR and taking the fear out of the process.  

If you would like to be a defibrillator champion, contact RME directly to find out how. 

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