We recently promoted the ‘Contractor HQ’ Webinar – Contractor Management Best Practices – Practical Tips for Golf Clubs.  While this program is not just for golf clubs, this webinar just happened to be targeted at this particular group.

During the webinar Phil Rice (Director)  explained what questions a safety inspector would ask post incident. 

• How did you select the contractor?
• What is your contractor management process?
• How was your contractor management process applied in managing the contractor?
• How did you factor risk into your actions?
• What evidence can you provide of your contractor management actions?

The 7 Steps

    1. Pre-Qualify / Assess Potential Contractor Safety Credentials
    2. Establish a register of contractors
    3. Define task-specific requirements
    4. Establish an effective document management system
    5. Define and implement a site safety induction process
    6. Audit and verify the contractor management process and contractor works
    7. Define and implement regular stakeholder reporting

RME have been discussing contractor management with many of you, so regardless of how you choose to manage this, (internal management system or external program), the discussion of when to start should be on your next WHS/OH&S Meeting Agenda.

A reply of the webinar is available below.