Step 1: From the website Sign Up and pay for your industry specific risk assessment. 

Step 2:  Take the online assessment. Pause and log back in if you need. If unsure of the response or you need to ask someone else, tick “answer later”. This will allow you to answer these questions when you log back in.

Step 3:  Your ‘Assessment Report’ will be emailed upon questionaire completion identifying the areas under risk and requiring attention. This produces a gap analytis for items requiring action and how to solve these issues.

Step 4: Action identified issues per your “Assessment Report” and report on progress during your quarterly OHS/WHO meeting. As per legislation, this provides documented evidence that your origanisation is showing continuous improvement by addressing and reporting on its risk.

Step 5: The assessment is designed to be taken every 12 months to track continuous improvement effectively managing risk.

RME is a cost-effective solution for all businesses and organisations. Your only commitment is some time to answer the questions. Small business, club or office – no machinery, no dangerous chemicals – On-Line is for you! This exercise that can be done from any location or device of your choosing. In an easy to use format and taking 1 to 2 hours. You can complete in your own time. Even having the ability to save, leave and come back later. Your outcome – In return, you will receive an assessment report identifying gaps and issues that require your attention and the solutions action plan prioritised for you, so you know what the most important tasks are. You may choose to manage and implement any changes that are required internally. Or, we can help! RME is your total Risk Solution